Our Guarantee

All brakes have certain components in common and they all display similar warning signs when they begin to wear out. Fortunately, the symptoms of brake trouble are usually quite easy to spot.

For example, a low or spongy pedal can signal air in the hydraulic system; a hard pedal can mean worn out shoes or pads. If your red brake warning light stays on, you could have an imbalance in your hydraulic system. Squealing brakes can mean a glazed rotor or that calipers need to be replaced.

It is vital that you have your braking system inspected once per year and any irregularities promptly checked out. Convoy braking system specialists have the latest diagnostic equipment, expert know-how and superior braking parts and components made from premium materials.

Haymarket Motors Brake Parts
Raybestos brake replacement parts are designed to meet- and in many cases exceed- the performance of the equipment that originally came with your car. Vehicle Specific Design (VSD™) makes them fit better, stop faster and last longer than any other replacement pads. And, they’re quieter, too. Thanks to our rigorous quality standards and unmatched installation skills, your brakes will perform as well as the originals- or better!